Friday, November 18, 2016


My young adult book THAT NIGHT under my author name Lisa McManus is a FINALIST for the Evernight Publishing Reader's Choice Awards in the Best Evernight Teen Book Cateory! Final voting is happening right now - Deadline to vote is November 30th.

Those who vote are entered for a chance to win a gift certificate - I'm hoping those who voted last time (thank you!) will revisit, and anyone who wanted to before but missed out will take a moment and vote.

If you're so inclined, the link is below and be sure to click on 'Click Here to Cast Your Vote' and scroll through to Category #29 - Best Evernight Teen Book - That Night Lisa McManus

Evernight Publishing Blog

I'm so thrilled and so excited by this! Thank you so very very much for your past and present support!
Winners and runners up will be announced in December smile emoticon:)

Find out more about my book at Evernight Teen

Friday, November 4, 2016

Evernight Publishing's Fourth Annual Reader's Choice Awards!

Being bold today and reaching out to my readers...

My publisher, Evernight Publishing, has a call out for nominations for their Fourth Annual Reader's Choice Awards for books in their romance line as well as their teen line, Evernight Teen. My book THAT NIGHT under my teen author name of Lisa McManus is up for four possible categories of:
Category #1. Evernight Book of the Year
Category #2. Favorite Evernight Author
Category #4. Best Evernight Cover
Category #31. Best Evernight Teen Book.

I hope you'll stop by their site and vote as well as discover other author's books! The link is on their blog as below - the link is titled 'click here to enter your nominations' which takes you through just a few quick screens to get to each category. Everyone who enters is entered in for a chance to win a $25 Evernight gift certificate.

Thank you so much for everyone's ongoing support! Nominations close November 13th!

Evernight Publishing Fourth Annual Reader's Choice Awards

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fabulous Day at the Library!

I attended my first book signing at the Bruce Hutchison Branch of the Greater Victoria Library. I signed copies of my young adult novella, THAT NIGHT (Evernight Teen/Evernight Publishing), as well as copies of various Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies in which my slice-of-life stories appear. Many friends and new friends stopped by and chatted and left with either a signed book or a bookmark!

Among all the fabulous folks I met was my table-mate, Thora Kerr Illing author of 'Gold Rush Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Nellie Cashman' a historical biography, as well as, 'Adèle: Wilderness Bride. A story of New France'. I very much enjoyed chatting with Thora who was a journalist in Britain 'back in the day' and later became a travel journalist with a magazine. A retired librarian herself with the Greater Victoria Libraries, Thora and I got to chatting about writing and one thing she said that resonated with me was the importance of writing every day - even if it's not a lot, little 'gulps' of writing every day is important. I liked that - gulps of writing. We had a great day together and the new experience of my first book signing was made all the better with Thora at my side. It was a great day all around, thank you to all who attended!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Book Signing!

Lots happening these days - top of the list right now is that I'm getting ready for my first book signing! In May of this year I was honored to be able to have my young adult book, THAT NIGHT, included in the Emerging Authors Collection Catalog within the Greater Victoria Public Library! I was part of a fabulous gala event unveiling the books included in the catalog and you can read about it here - I've Been Cataloged at the Library

As part of their support of local authors and their books, the Greater Victoria Public Library (Victoria, BC, Canada) has been hosting book signings for their authors who are part of this special collection. On Saturday October 22 from 10:30 - 12:00 I will be signing copies of my book, THAT NIGHT, as well various copies of Chicken Soup for the Soul where many of my slice-of-life stories appear.

I'm excited and thrilled to be signing books with other authors - so if you're in the Victoria, BC area, hope to see you there!

Bruce Hutchison Branch of Greater Victoria Public Library
4636 Elk Lake Dr, Victoria, BC V8Z 7K2
10:30 - 12:00
Phone: (250) 940-4875

THAT NIGHT - a contemporary young adult novella published by Evernight Teen (Evernight Publishing).

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Banned Books Week - September 25 - October 1, 2016

Banned Books Week is from Sept 25 to October 1, 2016, and is an annual event celebrating the freedom to read - anything and everything in between, especially books deemed unorthodox or unpopular. To learn more about banned books visit and

To honour and celebrate Banned Books week, all ebooks at Evernight Teen are on sale (discount at check out). Hope you'll stop by!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Get Writing With Image and Imagination

Writers are inspired by countless different things – or ‘nothing’ at all. Some can pinpoint exactly what inspired a story, where others smirk and shrug ‘I don’t know where the idea came from – it just appeared.’ Those unknown idea-triggers often started from a little kernel of something deep in their subconscious that had been buried by a zillion other thoughts – too many to dig through to find that originating kernel. But what does it matter? The idea found its way out, was put to paper (ya gotta move quick - ideas can disappear so fast!) and even then the idea can morph into something else entirely through the process of writing, discovery, development and again more writing.

An idea for a writer can be inspired by senses, a trigger for various emotions that can be transcribed on paper. The smell and taste of mom’s home cooking, the sound of a drill at the dentist, the feel of a handful of marbles – the possibilities are endless.

A story can also be inspired by a single word, a sentence, a phrase or cliché, and even by overheard conversations. There are countless words out there and with infinite combinations – make them count! It’s all about the words.

And then there are those writers inspired by a found object - something unexpected discovered at a thrift or antique store. The unique and often-rare treasures tucked in the shadowed corners of stores are priceless compared to the innumerable stories they can start.

Having the object in your hands and in your home to touch, feel, admire or hate everyday (yes, sometimes an object that gives negative feelings is needed to fuel the writing) will get the creative juices flowing.

Then there are my favorites – images. Picture clippings from magazines, old photos or postcards from an antique/thrift store, an old painting or an appealing photo you found online. As the cliché goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ There are no wrong or right words – they are YOUR words laid out in the right combination and order that YOU need to tell YOUR story. And no one has to ever see those words, if that’s what you want. Not every word written needs to be destined for publication. Whether it be journal writing or writing stories for your own enjoyment, any writing is perfectly acceptable to be considered a ‘writer.’ But if you want to be a published writer, unique use and order of those words will get you far.

I have found that using just an image as a prompt for writing can heightens my senses and imagination to describe the object and the emotion/memory/sense/idea it evokes. With an image you are forced to dig deeper into your imagination to get the words flowing – to describe what is being seen, felt (emotional), touched, or heard - as opposed to the object, place or person actually being right in front of you.

Whether writing poetry, fiction (any genre), short or long stories, personal essays or humorous slice-of-life vignettes, all these story-starters can kick-start ideas – ideas you might not have so easily come up with in the first place. Sure ideas are there deep down in your mind and imagination, but why not use a prompt, and specifically an image, to help coax it out?

I recently discovered ‘Image and Imagination – Ideas and Inspiration for Teen Writers,’ a writing-prompt book by Nick Healy and Kristen McCurry (Switch Press, an imprint of Capstone Publishing, 2016). This hearty book of inspiration has 150 images with accompanying inspiration-inducing text. The prompts are meant to stir the mind, prompt a story, dredge-up a memory, or induce an emotion to foster writing of all kinds – fiction, non-fiction, journalling, poetry – the possibilities are endless. The book has space to jot down notes or ideas, or you can save the note-taking for a separate notebook.

Although intended for teen writers, as an ‘adult’ writing for teens I have found the book a perfect inspiration for writing for the young adult market. Flipping through the thought-provoking images and accompanying text, I can tap into the teenage world of dilemma and introspective thinking teens experience during the tumultuous adolescent years. It’s been years since I was a teen (I won’t say how long ago), but these prompts bring forward feelings and experiences I had long buried in my memory, all fuel and fodder for story-building.

So be sure to grab a copy and get writing, and remember: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Visit Capstone Young Readers/Switchpress to find out more about 'Image and Imagination' - Nick Healy and Kirsten McCurry

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lovely to be Reviewed

A very kind reviewer at YA Insider took the time to review and write her thoughts about my young adult book, THAT NIGHT (Evernight Teen/Evernight Publishing). I am always very humbled when someone takes the time to read my book and then to share their opinion about it. Thank you so much the folks at YA Insider! Hope you'll stop by and have a peek at the review, and be sure to check out the countless other young adult books folks are chatting about!